• “Passwords are like underwear: you don’t let people see it, you should change it often, and you shouldn’t share it with strangers”, Chris Pirillo
  • “In the future, computers may weigh no more than 1.5 tonnes”, Popular mechanics, 1949
  • “Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity”, Albert Einstein
  • “Man is a slow, sloppy, and brilliant thinker; computers are fast, accurate and stupid”, John Pfeiffer
  • “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers”, Pablo Picasso
  • “If someone steals your password, you can change it. But if someone steals your thumbprint, you can’t get a new thumb. The failure modes are very different”, Bruce Schneier
  • “We’re not computers, Sebastian, we’re physical”, Roy Batty in Blade Runner
  • “ Computers don’t lie, but liars can compute”, Terry Hayes
  • “Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people.”, Bruce Schneier
  • “As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace”, Newton Lee
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Legal & Compliance

Allen&Overy Luxembourg's data protection practice in Luxembourg advises on all aspects of privacy and data protection law. Having worked closely with the authorities for many years they understand the sensitivities that colour this area of the law and keep abreast of regulatory developments. For example, in 2010 the authority ...

Phone Number: +3524444551

Legal & Compliance , Nonprofit Organisations

L'Association pour la protection des Données au Luxembourg (APDL) a pour but de favoriser les contacts et les échanges d'expériences et d'idées sur les questions liées au traitement de données à caractère personnel.

Service Providers , Legal & Compliance

ARCAD S.A. is a Luxembourg-based boutique consulting firm specialising in providing internal Audit, Risk management and Compliance ADvisory services to the financial sector.

Phone Number: +35226308935

Professionals (CISOs, Risk Managers,...) , Service Providers , Legal & Compliance

Data protection consulting services, from legal to IT. · Gap analysis with GDPR (General data protection regulation) · DPO as a service (external Date Protection Officer service) · Data protection impact assessment · Data protection by design and by default · Training

Phone Number: +3522848781047

Professionals (CISOs, Risk Managers,...) , Service Providers , Legal & Compliance

Silent Breach is a cyber security agency that specializes in network security and digital asset protection. They help protect your business and keep it safe.

Phone Number: +35220880307